Deep Wire

~ “He’s not one of us”. ~ I know we all

~ “He’s not one of us”. ~

I know we all can have our concerns, likes and dislikes about who could be our next president but when one is true at heart to the cause of digging up the corruption of any government and establishment, the same ones must be diligent to dig for the dirt on any high elite of the shadow government. Putting aside political parties and or personalities, one endeavors to find it all out, no matter what.
While digging up the conspiracies of conspiracies, from operation paperclip, operation Mockingbird, Watergate, JFK’s Assasination, 9/11, Corrupted foundations, illegal activity in foreign policy, sexual abuse, padeophilia and much more, most would have come to discover the power of mind control through such evil schemes and learned a lot about the survivors who bravely told their stories.

For those that have already come to learn and understand Cathy O’Brien’s story, a survivor of SRA, Mind Control and Mk-Ultra Political programming, you will appreciate this…



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